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Hi! I’m Amy…I’m so glad you’re here!


Me? I’m a single gal living in Southern California. I have an amazing, rich, satisfying life. I have family I adore and friends I cherish. I have traditions that fill my soul and I feel a sense of purpose for my life. I’m challenged to grow and have opportunities to take risks. (please note - this is all on a good day. Not like yesterday; every driver drove me nuts, my friends disappointed me and I got a flat tire...but I digress.)


Life hasn’t always been like this. It took a while for me to find my way. It takes what it takes. Several years ago I became abundantly aware that the way I was living was not sustainable and certainly not the way I wanted to live life. This realization changed the trajectory of my life. It launched me onto a path of seeking an approach to living that fosters peace and serenity. My days are not filled with puppy dogs and ice cream. But I’m more equipped than ever to respond to all that life holds. This kind of living is sustainable, rich and hopeful. This journey has brought a richness I didn’t know to ask for. I care deeply and am deeply cared for. 


So here I am. Here we are. Let’s look at life. Discover. Process. Practice and experiment.


With love,