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A dedicated problem-solver and an enthusiastic collaborator, Amy Cella is the Swiss Army knife of assistants. She constantly seeks solutions, thrives behind the scenes and delights in helping you do what only you can do.


Drawing on decades of experience in personal assistance and project management, Amy is known for seamlessly weaving together the multi-passionate ventures of her creative and active clients.


After ten years leading and training staff at State Farm, she gave up her 9-5 job for the exciting prospect of assisting creative entrepreneurs.


An invigorating, joyful and fulfilling adventure began.


She spent years traveling the country, coordinating live event engagements for an author, speaker and performer touring with national conferences. Amy’s experience behind the scenes of large-scale events opened doors for her to facilitate the creation and coordination of new events for purpose-driven audiences.


Her unique attunement to her clients allows her to anticipate needs before they arise, coordinate multiple projects at a time and overcome challenges with can-do commitment.


Amy is highly skilled in travel planning, event coordination, organization, calendar management and project management. Currently, she is producing the 4th season of the Being Known Podcast, with Dr. Curt Thompson & Pepper Sweeney.


She finds nothing more satisfying than to see you excel in the creative, passionate and purposeful work that matters most to you. She’ll help you: finish a lingering project, branch out on a new endeavor, or simply find time to take a nap.


And she’ll do it all with kindness, enthusiasm and a contagious laugh. 


A California native and resident, you might bump into Amy hiking a trail in Santa Monica or getting farm fresh eggs at the local farmer’s market. However your paths cross, you’ll find her with an enthusiastic disposition, ready to take on anything…


If you’re—


…a busy, overwhelmed professional with multiple interests, who longs to be free to pursue passions and projects that can’t seem to get off the back burner….


…afraid of constantly overlooking the details, dropping the ball or missing opportunities you know are passing you by…


If you have 10 phone calls, 30 text messages, and 972 million emails to return just to make your life work today…

Then Amy’s support will help you to finally:

  • Regain vibrant energy and motivation for the projects you want to work on

  • Get in control of your precious time and maintain a schedule that comfortably fits everything that’s important to you

  • Find efficient solutions with the help of someone that never settles for ‘I don’t know’

  • Be fully equipped and freed-up to do what only YOU can do


Amy is the ONLY person you need to call to make everything else run like clockwork.

Hi Friend, 


You and I likely have some things in common. We're both passionate about our work. We’re invested in creating excellent outcomes and we desire to make a difference in the lives around us.


However—I don’t want to be the “lead” of this show. That’s your job and it’s what you do best. I’ll support you.


You have a gift and a calling that needs room to thrive. I’ll help.


With a little organization, integration and the reliability of a seasoned coordinator—you can finally rest into the life you’re meant to lead. I’ll cover the details.


Consider me…the sous chef to your Chef de Cuisine.

I’m most happy when I’m chopping away in the background, making sure each step and element is smoothly integrated. But I find great satisfaction in the final result of an artful meal!


We should prepare something together!

All my best, 


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