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Hi, I’m Amy Cella and this is Bottom Left Drawer. What is Bottom Left Drawer, you might ask. Essentially it’s about getting our ducks in a row, so we’re good to go. It’s about getting our affairs in order, so our families don’t have to try and do it without us. We’ve all, likely, experienced loss; great, small, somewhere in between. The unexpected death of a loved one can be devastating. In the midst of our grief we’re often shouldered with making decisions, planning & preparing. Gathering documents and determining your loved ones wishes can be overwhelming. I know how difficult it can be.


In the span of 18 months I lost three people, people very dear to me, one to suicide, another to pancreatic cancer, and my Mom to heart disease. Each relationship and loss left with me pondering many things. Prior to my Mom’s death she discarded all of her vital documents. I don’t mean she simply misplaced her driver’s license or accidentally shredded her birth certificate. She disposed of every document to her name. This made planning, preparing and making decisions exponentially more difficult. It made me wonder if I had all of MY documents in order? Do I have them in a safe and secure place and have I provided access to someone should they need them?


Bottom Left Drawer is birthed from this place of wanting to plan for the expected and the unexpected. And for wanting to provide an easy, straightforward way for others, for you, to do the same. Through Bottom Left Drawer we’ll have the peace of mind knowing we’re good to go. 


Bottom Left Drawer consists of 9 segments;

  • Legal

  • Vital Documents

  • Financial Assets

  • Insurance 

  • Passwords

  • Accounts, Memberships & Subscriptions

  • Planning

  • Personal

  • Relational Legacy


Through Bottom Left Drawer coaching we’ll evaluate each of these segments. We’ll determine what needs to be accomplished, and craft a plan for getting it done. We’ll do this through the online portal and in the context of community through social media and live workshops.


It’s not all about end-of-life planning, it’s about living the life we want today. Get your ducks in a row, so you’re good to go. Know what you have and where it is, YOUR Bottom Left Drawer.


You can find out more on our website,, Connect with us on social media, Join us in this amazing, life giving experience, Bottom Left Drawer.

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